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Vintage inspired jewelry & accessories for the modern collector.

About The Designer

Founded in 2009 by designer Deirdre Colligan, Candy Shop Vintage started with a collection of whimsical vintage jewelry sourced from estate sales and flea markets. Deirdre’s background in fashion and design enabled her to curate an endlessly appealing stream of sought after, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. After having success selling her rotating collection of vintage jewelry and faced with the challenges of constant sourcing and replenishment, Deirdre adapted of her favorite vintage jewelry styles into a collection of hand crafted, modern costume jewelry and vintage inspired accessories. In addition to her unique vintage finds, Deirdre’s own designs have been featured in national magazines such as Vanity Fair, InStyle and Southern Living and continue to be a favorite among tastemakers everywhere. Deirdre’s design aesthetic is informed by the color and whimsy of the South, where she spent many formative years, as well as the coastal chic lifestyle of New England, where she was born and raised. Deirdre currently resides with her daughter Daphne in Greenwich, CT and splits her time between there and their home in Charleston, SC.

Hand Crafted Jewelry

Working primarily with US based jewelry manufacturers dedicated to quality and craftsmanship, we have been able to replicate much of the high caliber charm of the vintage pieces Deirdre collects and sells with her own. Candy Shop Collection and her popular line of Charleston Rice Beads. Starting with jewelry and more recently moving into apparel and accessories, Deirdre’s relentless attention to detail continues to be infused throughout all of our products. working with eco-friendly manufacturing facilities up and down the east coast, we strive to make everything offered at Candy Shop Vintage on par with the vintage heirlooms we all love.


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