I don't know about anyone else, but I am getting a little stir crazy and am finding social distancing psychologically challenging. Like everyone, I am having good days and bad days, alternately overwhelmed and scared by the news, the prospect of getting sick or my friends and loved ones getting sick, the sudden implosion of the economy and life as we know it, and then hopeful days, touched by the good deeds I see people performing for one another around me and grateful for the unusual pause and time to be creative and introspective. In short, I am all over the map!
One thing that has consistently helped me in difficult times has been losing myself in music. I miss going out with my friends, I miss DJing, I miss getting out of my pajamas, seeing friends and family in person rather than just through a screen. But we all know, at this point, it is best for all of us to STAY HOME. So I made this quarantine mix to help you social distance with sanity, you can listen below...

Deirdre Zahl
Tagged: Sweet Tunes