It's that time of year where we overindulge in Halloween candy before it even hits the trick-or-treater's bags. An annual tradition I started when I had my shop was "Guess the number of candy corn in the jar," an activity I used to love as a kid at birthday parties that I was weirdly good at (in spite of being terrible at math.) Anyway, it's a fun tradition so I've decided to revive it. The jar itself (not the one I am holding in the photo but the one below it) will live on our Candy Shop Vintage Retail Cart at Gwynn's in Mt. Pleasant, if you are local to Charleston and want to see it in person. To guess, simply comment on this post below with your name (and email so we can contact the winner) and be entered to win a $150 shopping credit here on our website. Happy guessing!

The actual jar this year is pictured below. Post your guess in the comments to enter. Winner will be announced on Halloween 10/31/21:


Deirdre Zahl