This past weekend we hosted a super fun Valentine's Day event at our Charleston Shop. We brought in Life of The Party Headdresses to lead a Valentine's Headdress making workshop and Charleston Glow did a pop-up in back to offer free and discounted (partial and full) organic spray tans. For the record, Charleston Glow is my favorite spray tan spot pretty much anywhere. It looks very natural and lasts a long time, I highly recommend it!
Our tiny shop looked so cute all decked out for Valentine's Day:

And Haydn of Life of The Party Headdresses did a great job hosting and hand selecting materials to help the girls make their Valentine's crowns:
Every one got to take theirs home in one of our new, eco-friendly shopping totes. Do you know Charleston finally banned single use plastic bags? As a coastal city I think this is such an important move in the right direction. Our new totes can be reused as much as you want - they are great for bringing wine as a hostess gift, bringing your lunch to work and if you bring it into the shop to make another purchase and reuse the bag, we will give you 20% OFF:
A friend of mine is getting married in two weeks, the day after Valentine's Day, so I used my craft time to make her this fabulous headband: 
Thank you to all who came and celebrated with us! Follow Hadyn at   Life of The Party Headdresses for more events and headpiece inspiration or to order a custom piece for yourself!
Deirdre Zahl