My daughter Daphne Zahl, 10, is a budding artist. This summer, I took her to see an art show in Southhampton, NY by my friend, artist Kevin Berlin in (who I interviewed for our newsletter & Vintage Diary). She got very inspired by his larger than life culinary themed work and told me she wanted to have an art show herself. She has been taking art lessons in Bedford, NY with contemporary impressionist and practicing artist Susannah Leighton and she decided to make a collection of candy themed artwork the focus of their lessons. For the past four months, Daphne been building towards a show, completing a piece each week. When it came time to find a venue, she asked me if she could have it at a candy store. Our favorite candy store is in NYC - called Bon Bon.

Bon Bon has two locations - one on the Lower East Side in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. They sell an incredible variety of candy, all imported from Sweden. I'd hired them to create a candy bar at my NYC pop-up several years ago and it was a hit.

So, Daphne wrote them a letter, showed them some samples of her artwork and pitched her idea to them. This Saturday, Small Business Saturday, Daphne will be popping up with her first art show - title "CANDY" at Bon Bon's Williamsburg, NY location at 705 Driggs Avenue from 2-5PM. Please join us for some sweets, a viewing of the CANDY collection and of course, enough Swedish candy to fill everyone's stocking this Christmas. Her 13 piece collection will be for sale and 10% of proceeds will benefit the Swedish founded World Childhood FoundationA preview of some of the work is below and it will be up during the show hours only.

Deirdre Colligan