Next to being a Mom, being an entrepreneur (especially one that manufactures or sells things) is probably one of the most challenging and unpredictable adventures you can choose to go on. Entrepreneurs and particularly female and black owned businesses need all the support they can get. One of many silver linings that came out of the pain and struggles in recent weeks it is the flood of support for black own businesses. I thought I would share some of my favorite black, female owned businesses to love and show support to whose products, style or design I have been a fan or customer of for awhile. If you are looking to do some online shopping this weekend, check out any of these black, female owned businesses.

1. Dress My Room Interiors

Ariene Bethea's boutique vintage furniture shop Dress My Room Interiors is a curated collection of veritable vintage treasures. Some of my favorite pieces in my house have come from her. In addition to her eye for furniture,  she had an incredible eye for unique art like this colorful modernist portrait by a Cuban artist I bought from her for my house.
Lorraine was quite literally one of my first Instagram friends. He is a badass jewelry artist who works with both fine and high end brass pieces. After being mutual admirers of eachother's work for years, we finally met in person at a trunk show I did in New York as she was nice enough to come out and support me when I was just starting out. I really love and admire her work, particularly her "Golden Garland Collection" pictured below... but more than that her beautiful spirit and she has the MOST adorable son who is a sweet and smart as his Mom.
I met  Chloe Mortaud, the owner of Mademoiselle Provence, at a cafe in Croatia on my last night there on vacation. I was alone reading a book and she and her assistant were next to me celebrating their launch in a Croatian department store. The former Miss France is a striking and cool in person as she is in photos. We decided to go to dinner together and bonded over order fulfillment struggles with our mutual businesses. Her affordable line of natural, French-made beauty products is distributed worldwide.

4. Altar and Ashes

Timely and newly launched shop Altar and Ashes by Darcel McKenzie created for physical and spiritual connection. From organic oats to treat a variety of skin problems to sweetgrass bundles and handmade, holistic bath soaks you can find the perfect formula for physical and spiritual reconnection while you decompress and quarantine at home.


5. Estelle Colored Glass

Described as "jewels for your table," Stephanie Summerson Hall founded Estelle Colored glass in honor of her late grandmother Estelle and her love of antiquing. Her perfect wine glasses and cake stands come in a variety of yummy pastels and ship free within the United States.

6. Michelle Lawanda

Charleston based artist Michelle Lawanda's fun, whimiscal and colorful work caught my eye via Instagram. I especially love her figural drawings of women. Her affordable prints or originals (which you can purchase through her Instagram) will add a touch of whimsy to any room. I am excited to be launching a print shop with her both in store and online at Candy Shop Vintage starting July 7th. Stay tuned for details!

7. The Tiny Tassel

Cannonboruough Collective (a Candy Shop Vintage neighbor) owner Mimi Striplin has her own design business The Tiny Tassel making and selling colorful and whimsical clothes and accessories, born out of her popular line of tassel jewelry.

Deirdre Zahl