When I started working on my new 1970's inspired celestial and zodiac collection and was pulling together inspirational imagery, my mind kept wandering to the work of Charleston based artist Chambers Austelle. Chambers specializes in female portraiture and the women she depicts in her work have a beautiful moody, vintage quality. I am a huge fan of her work very much and what she has done as an artist. When I imagined launching a series of zodiac signs and celestial jewelry, I thought about how wonderful it would be if each sign had portrait and a story of a woman to go with it. Chambers came up with the idea of selecting vintage actresses who shared in each namesake zodiac sign - from Lauren Bacall (Virgo) to Audrey Hepburn (Taurus) and creating a portrait inspired by each actress for each zodiac sign. The portraits are available as both limited edition prints and original works (through Chambers website).

We also collaborated on the design of a zodiac scarf depicting the entire zodiac wheel (below) and available for purchase online. It looks great styled as wearable art and would also be beautiful framed on a wall.

“A hidden spark of the dream sleeps
In the forest and waits
In the celestial spheres of the brain.”

Dejan Stojanovic

Chambers and I are both so happy with how this collaborative collection came out and we hope you love it too! xo 

Deirdre Zahl